version 1.1

  • Added New Shape Type (Health Shape)
  • Redesigned Bomb Enemy Shape
  • New Subtle Animations

version 1.0

  • Fixed bug where game goes back to main menu instead of staying on
  • The High Score enter name screen when trying to return to the main menu from game after High Score was made
  • Stopped Background music during triangle special
  • HUD rectangle expands when low health or low ammo meter pops up
  • Background music volume adjusted so that Absorb notes are more noticable

Shapes & Sound: The Shape Shooter is a 2D mobile game all about putting your hand-eye coordination, mental reflexes and periphery vision to the ultimate test. It is, at its core, an Ode to "old school-arcade box in old Mr. Joe's shop down the street-gaming; Think Rock-Paper-Scissors meets Asteroids. The game's minimalistic design and soothing sounds makes it both highly relaxing and highly addicting.You have been warned.

"simple and addicting gameplay"
"engrossing original soundtrack"
"unique artwork"

Players interact with an Above Top Secret military console dubbed “The Shape Shooter.” Operating on a system akin to rock-paper-scissors, the central shape is able to switch on the fly in order to be effective against other enemy types.

Rack up your high-score as you survive wave after wave of incoming pointed- triangles, hard-as-nails squares and ornery circles.

ARRG consists of four young Jamaicans who exercise their various talents in creating the digitally delicious.

AUDLEY GORDON (MVP) The seemingly quiet Senior coder is actually "The Blunt One"; the dash of "British humor" if you will. Audley takes any opportunity to fire high caliber quips at his teammates to keep them on their toes all in the name of good fun. We overlook his comical stylings and love him anyways because He stares at a problem and reads "solution".

ROBERT MORRISON JNR We like for our adamant Producers to keep their visions "airy" and Robert does not disappoint. There's a light in the distance and he sees it coming closer. Robert tries when others say stop and believes even when its hard to do so. He told a good joke once…We didn't get it either.

RAMON BROOKS Our Junior coder never met a math problem he could not sweet talk. This man is one of the quickest learners we have had the pleasure of meeting and we are so grateful he fights on our team. His hobbies include math, mathematics, calculus, venn diagramming and arithmetic. Needless to say, his favorite movie is The Matrix. If only accountants were more interesting, maybe we would have managed to write more about ours, maybe…"oh well".

GRAHAM REID is always ready with a great attitude and fresh ideas even when we "ain't got time fo' dat". All things work together for good and he knows it. It is worth noting that it has been scientifically proven, and by Newton no less, that it is in fact physically, mentally and otherwise impossible to be more laid back and collected than Graham, our Art Director.